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Order & Acceptance

Your purchase order must be based on our quotation. Upon receipt of your purchase order we will issue a Proforma Invoice within 3 working days from receipt as acknowledgement of your order. In case you have not heard from us within the time stipulated, please contact us immediately. Please send your purchase order to our Shanghai address as mentioned in the contact section.

Minimum Quantity

The minimum order per shipment depends on the size of the bag, but for average size bags and backpacks we require 1,000pcs minimum per shipment and style. If you use our standard stock colours we can accept 500 pcs per colour. Minimum 1,000pcs per shipment would remain.

Production Time

Production time is usually 30-45 days, however, the time may vary according to the order quantity.

Export Documents

We normally offer following documents with our export shipments:
1. Commercial Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Certificate of Origin or GSP Form A Certificate of Origin
4. Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill
5. Any additional Document(s) and/or Certificate(s) should be requested with your purchase order.


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